Craft design

Approached to collaborate with the Edinburgh Remakery, Basket used discarded computer and electrical cables to explore the beauty of 'used up' products. 

The Edinburgh Remakery is an organisation dedicated to "generating a repair revolution...encouraging manufacturers to build things to last and to be fixable, and making sure the facilities are in place to allow people to repair and reuse.” Upon visiting their warehouse, a massive room full of broken down computers, furniture, and other such junk, I was able to source a number of torn and broken computer cables. Stripping the cables revealed a number of brightly coloured and metallic wires, all of which had the potentiality of new found beauty.

As cables are used to house and contain a number of wires and electrical insulation, I decided to create a more tactile and rustic housing product, baskets. Baskets are among the most ancient and geographically pervasive items that have ever been fashioned from nature. They are also very therapeutic and enjoyable to make once you have got your head around all the twisting and learnt how to keep track of the threads. However, traditionally woven materials such as willow and wicker need to be fresh to use and become solid in their shapes which makes them unable to be reused in another basket after the life of one is complete. Using the previously sourced unwanted cables destined for landfill, after pulling apart the cables and separating the different materials from inside the rubber coating, I was left with a variety of wires that were a perfect alternative to natural fibres for use in basketry. They were flexible, colourful, and could be woven together into intricate patterns. These baskets are celebrations of both the global modern movement towards sustainable products as well as the longevity of craft.

This project was displayed alongside my Metal Trees with Salt Leaves Speculative Jewellery project at the Lauriston Fire Station during the May 2017 Made in R16 exhibition.

For more information on the Edinburgh Remakery, please visit their website

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