Stretch and Breathe

System Design

I came across an article that stated that nearly 70% of Scottish nurses are obese. A statistic that is undeniably shocking and it is what inspired this project. With healthy living becoming seemingly obsolete when faced with someone who appears to not follow the very same advice, I decided to create a system that encouraged nurses to carve out time to focus on their own health. The system comprised of 9 workout cards split into 3 categories. These being stretch, breathe, and strength. Each of these exercises were designed to give the participant a chance at meaningful physical movement that would draw their own attention to their own body. This is something especially useful for nursing staff as they spend their shifts focusing on other peoples health and spending very little time looking after their own. These cards each had their own QR card, allowing each user to build a 'collection' of workout cards. The more time they spent on their own health, the greater their collection would become. Through adding each card to their collection, the card could be put back into the communal ward or floor pot of cards, minimising wastage and excess printed material. Once the card is transmitted to their online collection, they can use it within the workout section of the app, wherein a series of exercises are put together in an easy to understand and personalised routine.

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 02.03.52.png

This project was displayed at the Lauriston Fire Station during the May 2017 Made in R16 exhibition.

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