Metal Trees with Salt Leaves

Speculative Jewellery Design

After spending hours upon hours creating baskets from discarded wires as part of my Basket project, I was left with copious amounts of excess material, all of which was too short or too damaged to turn into more baskets. Metal Trees with Salt Leaves  was created as a fun way of using up this waste material in a way I could still benefit from. 

I read an article on Sigalit Landau's Salt Bride project wherein she submerged a 20th-century wedding dress, a replica of one from S. Ansky's 1916 play titled Dybbukin wherein the main character becomes possessed by the spirit of her dead lover, the red sea, transforming it into a stunning crystalised work of art, and became instantly inspired to further explore the artistic potentialities of salt. 

I used discarded materials and allowed salt crystals to form around the items and fabrics to create structures that could be woven into earrings. These pieces used natural symbols, such as trees and waves and placed focus on the embedded salt crystals. The results were interesting items of adornment that fitted the popular bold statement earring movement. 

This project was displayed alongside my craft project Basket at the Lauriston Fire Station during the May 2017 Made in R16 exhibition.

For more information on Sigalit Landau's project see:

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